This house built in an old neighborhood of Yakima, Japan was demolished and replaced with a contemporary one by two-story house by the name of “ALONO?4208”.

Because of the location of the street and the west roof of the house, the front portion took some time to be demolished.

A fresh and light aesthetic had been applied by the architect, Yuko Nakamura, to make the building appear more lively. This is visible in the interior where the décor and furniture choose to match the exterior surroundings and the white color is finally more beautiful than ever.

In the living room, convenient furniture sits near the walls and a low table serves as the perfect resting place for the loved ones.

The walls are properly filled with framed memories and objects of contemporary nature that give the old space a better sense. In the dining room, a modern square table is made in order to match with the colorful painting on the wall.

An extra-large kitchen, open and full of light, also serves as a recreation area

In the bedrooms, a rough wooden bench invites the occupant to rest for a few moments.

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