This apartment renovation in Yakima, Kanagawa, Japan was done by White Interior Design.

The renovation took place in the year 2016, and cover an area of 1,173 square feet.

Yaguna Apartment Renovation by White Interior Design:

“This is a renovation project of a one-story apartment. Basis of the apartment was that a combination of storage area and give the impression of spaciousness. We kept the existing concrete texture so that the space would harmonize with the existing furniture.

We designed some furniture pieces like bookshelves, a TV stand and a big wall unit into the apartment.

The yellow cushion in the living-room acts like a highlight and helps creating a warm atmosphere.

The kitchen with a tall island is perfect for cooking of istg liné or toast, for the table that can accommodate a large dinner table.

In the bedroom, the bed looks more like a bed of a room, creating a warm atmosphere.

In the master bedroom, the dressing room with its colorful amind table, making a great place for a quiet talk or a massage.

The bathroom with granite floor, yellow ceiling, and glass door is a relaxing place due to its yellow and white color scheme.”

Photos by: Hiroyuki Oki

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