This house, dating from 1983, has a simple and comfortable interior. However, it is an obvious improvement, as the roof was deteriorated and, in its case, repaired. For the facades, it was decided to use a mixture of wood and paint, giving the house a distinct appearance.

The main idea was to reinterpret the traditional Japanese house. The client, who is an admirer of modern architecture, wished to have a house that emphasizes the relationship between creativity and home, holding a particular residential program. In turn, it seemed appropriate to maintain the traditional design of the house with some modern adjustments, just like the neighboring building.

The main changes that were made to the house were related to the structure of the house, the appliances, furniture and the way the spaces were delimited. In order to achieve a new expression, the original house was consolidated and two new volumes were added, one on each floor. The interior was completely redesigned and the spaces were restructured. It is now more spacious and the new kitchen and apartments have become part of this house.

It was also decided that light would be released into the streets, illuminating the existing house and the white volumes. In order to adapt this old house to the new program, a new underground garage was created, like an extension of the house.

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