This remodeling of an old single-storey house covering a ground area of 38 square meters was carried out in 2018 by the architectural firm Strcture design teams. It is located in the city of Sebastian, which is in the district of Malmo in Sweden, and is surrounded by houses, a restaurant, and a park.

The original building, which was built in the 1930s, had several functional units, including a workshop, a garage, and a roof terrace.

The ground floor has the hall and a kitchen with a dining room. From there, two steps lead down to the dining room, which also has a small living room with a small dining area. To reach the second floor, you have to pass through a corridor and go to the bedrooms. In the basement, you can find a workshop, a cinema, and a garage.

The architects made cleaning extremely important, and it was imperative that the waste was reduced to the minimum necessary. To accomplish this they raised the house high on a platform, weighted down by four walls and located between two farm buildings. This allowed to remove any needed parapet walls, while the roof was insulated and covered with riparian wood, which allows it to act as a rainproof insulation.

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