This heritage listed roof house, designed by XTH Architects for a couple of professionals that love cars, is located in Orange, New South Wales, Australia.

In 2012, the owners asked that the design be carefully reconsidered.

Roof Renovation in Orange by XTH Architects:

“The requirement for this renovation involved the amalgamation of three affected and previously contiguous rooms, the introduction of a sophisticated new detailed finish, and the adjustment of the building envelope so that the existing building proportions were recovered. The street-facing facade in the original house was restored to its original grandeur, and the southern internal accommodation of bedrooms and bathrooms were refurbished.

Large structural steel beams were chosen to link the three refurbished rooms together, serving as a unified attachment and accentuating the dramatic change of scale. The chosen selection of timber flooring throughout the house was intended to connect the new interior spaces with the timber landscape, imparting a sense of flowing interiors to the new living spaces.

The flooring is composed of recycled hardwood timber and is deeply medicated throughout, aligning with the existing building fabric and facilitating a smooth urban transition.

A refined and elegant restaurant is designed on the first floor, overlooking the harbour beyond the site, and having direct access from the street. It has a modern design, with six-foot ceiling height, and its exterior is composed of a simple, natural steel channel bar supported by a two-story wooden roof structure.”

Photos by: Christine Francis

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