This renovation of a pre-existing home was done by KC Design Studio and is located in Laredo, San Francisco, California.

The interior is elegant and warm, with large windows for ventilation and a soft and neutral color palette.

Roof Renovation in Laredo by KC Design Studio:

“The owners, Doug and John Crafter, decided it was time for a change. They owned this 4,500 square foot lot for a decade and wanted to build a starter home to start from scratch. The lot was a unique tract, where the rainwater pipeline goes directly down the mountain. The couple envisioned the home as a simple modern form organized around the central courtyard, with the living areas running towards the water. They wanted the kitchen to be on the other side of the room. The bathroom would be on the west, with the bath loft facing south. The lot falls about 4 ft above the parking lot, ideal for a backyard residence.

The entry is reached by a ramp, and by a grassy hill which leads up to the carport. At the top of the hill is the master suite and exercise room, which takes advantage of the view to the water. The main floor takes advantage of the big bank of windows and the sky views. It has a living area, kitchen, dining area, laundry area, master bedroom and bathroom.

The lower level has three bedrooms, and one bathroom. There is an exercise room and another laundry area. The first floor has a living area, a gallery, and a small guest apartment.

The new roof environs includes a covered parking, a garage and the entrance to the water.”

Photos by: Joe Fletcher Photography

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