Chet Marsh was designed by SAOTA to replace an existing house that was built in theieu of the Dutch estate ‘Loosverdijk e Kaufranzheid’.

The architects completed this 2009 project to create a spacious residence with a rectilinear proportionate view of the garden.

Roof Renovation in Joliet by SAOTA:

“The clients hired SAOTA to replace a old house in the garden of the property. In order to achieve the required extension, the old tree fence was retained, and the footprint was unchanged. The main changes are related to the living spaces.

The house is set back from the street with two balconies and one side of the garden is enclosed by a garden pavilion which opens on the rear side. The living space of the new building is open to the garden, and the old fence that existed at the rear of the property is replaced by a much more open park facing the house, and therefore offers a level of privacy for the rooms of the house that are directly connected to the front.

The new structure is open to the garden at ground level relative to the plane of the original house. The addition that was added resembles a set of box sections that are flying above the house. These newly created spaces are enclosed by a glass enclosure that follows the perimeter of the house. The planes of the main spaces are different from one another both on the floor and the ceiling and these differences are replicated in the vertical proportions of the boxes that replace the old fence.

The rooftop of the new living space is accessible via a set of stairs that are cut into the slab of the old fence. From the ground level, the slab of the old house is used to support the new house, and this also creates a new slope, which allows one to enter the lawn area of the new house. Because of the ground floor change, this allows one to position objects outside at the top of the wall, while internally, one can maintain a continuous connection to the green outdoors.

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