This contemporary renovation is a roof rooftop renovation by Bates Masi Architects that is located in the city of Greensboro, New York, USA.

The project was begun in 2007 and ended in 2012, and was completed in 2013.

Roof Renovation in Greensboro by Bates Masi Architects:

“The owners, a couple with two small children, requested a complete renovation of their 2 unit apartment in a Germaine neighborhood in the city of Greensboro, NY. The owners spent over 200 hours and $33,000 of that time renovating the unit. Every aspect of the space was reorganized, recalcitated, and updated.

The bay windows in the living and dining room were removed, revealing an open upper level—complete with a wood burning fireplace and a floating open mezzanine—that connects the floor to the mezzanine, creating a new surface of interest and light in the space.

The kitchen was also opened up to the dining room and made into an impressive work space with a desk for eight, one corner window overlooking the living space and another facing the kitchen.

The bathroom was gutted, the crawl was removed, and the stair was redone to create a sleek and modern volume to the space.

The materials and details were considered carefully before this project was hurried to construction, and to execution. This project reflects the family’s preference for efficient, modern design rather than the opulent or extravagant aesthetic of some of the owners.

This project is intended to be collective. We see it as a challenge of finding a common language, a translation of both the family’s lifestyle and their preferred methodologies.”

Photos by: Jeffrey Totaro, Editing Studio

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