When faced with the challenge of renovating a 2,000 square foot home and doubling its area, others tried to distract from the architectural importance of the new edifice and simply put a “better” function below ground level. Yet, seeing beneath the surface of the two new rooms, we sensed a profound change in both the vibrancy and presence of the new space, and its subsequent uses.

The new basement was constructed using concrete, weathered metal, and brick walls — not the same celebratory materials used in the original home. This move was motivated by the desire to retain the essence of the interior, while granting it a more contemporary mark.

Through the creation of voids that allow light and natural air to enter the new home from opposing spaces, we removed from the surface of the wall structuring it. In doing so, we removed the barriers that separated the inside from the outside, inside, and outside.

Once the ground floor was elevated, we lowered the ceilings in the two new rooms to bring them to a more intimate level consistent with the rest of the house.

A new open kitchen was designed for the first floor, where we located the master bedroom, bathroom, and a small terrace.

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