This renovation by Parisian architecture firm Paul Crofts Apartments was carried out in 2016 and has a total area of 300 square meters. It is located in the Elizabeth Street in Kensington, in the Lower North Shore, in the heart of London, on a charming street with shops, restaurants, and coffee shops where the residents of this place can enjoy a faint mixture of modern and traditional styles.

At the entrance of the building, a wide dry stone wall leads us to the entrance door, which offers us a taste of the dim interior of the stone walls, the wonderful reception of the outside, and invites us to a warm and comfortable space where the important things take precedence.

Located in the ground floor on the ground floor of the house, it has a garage, in its southwestern corner, a washroom, in its southeastern corner, and at its southwest corner we have a bedroom each for a family of three. They are the spaces where privacy is granted to its residents in the most private and secluded areas.

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