Renovating or expanding a house is usually more cost effective than building one from scratch. Of course, both options present a series of advantages and disadvantages, so let’s quickly review the main arguments in favor of a renovation renovation home:

The views are one.

The most important view, besides the living room and dining room, is the backyard. Since the owners use the lot regularly, it makes sense to make the backyard an active space and devote it to the creation of a lovely garden.

For a house that has a basement, this is an excellent option. The basement can be actually turned into a garden space in the form of a backyard.

The aesthetics of the garden change a house’s whole dynamic, even if the rest of its rooms remain unchanged

This can happen when there’s a strong contrast between the house and the garden, or when the garden’s layout is heterogeneous and there’s no clear distinction between the house’s sleeping areas and the front yard or garden.

The indoor-outdoor connection is guaranteed by the large windows that let sunlight in and make the whole composition look and feel beautiful and welcoming.

The back yard can be designed and arranged in a way that allows the users to be in and out without tensions being thrown between these spaces.

The front yard is the space that actually gives you a front row experience as you enter the house. This can be the case when the house is sandwiched between other buildings or when it’s an open courtyard.

The design strategies for the rear yard are diverse. There’s typically a lawn or a garden next to the entrance and when the space is very narrow or very small, the designers can be creative and do a lot of cool projects.

The space under the staircase is also a very good example. This is an alley which connects the basement to the rest of the house and ideally would be a limited space.

The staircase and the hallway below it are just two of the many cases where the space is creatively and functionally designed.

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