This renovation in “The Galilee” region of southern Israel was carried out by PAKS Architects.

The home is located on a hill overlooking the coastal barrens, and with stunning views over the surrounding desert.

Roof Renovation in Bethlehem by PAKS Architects:

“In the prestigious Galilee region “the architect Peter Pa$$ has designed a large single family house completely surrounded by family in a temperate climate.

The design has been presented to the Legislature members, community and the leaders in several forums of the region.

This ancient coastal area has an open desert climate. It is characterized by uniformly cold and sandy colored weather throughout the year.

The materials used were inspired by the colors of desert and the elements of traditional Japanese architecture used in the building.

Constructed on a base of durable concrete and clay principally made of stone, the house has tremendous interior spaces, fully equipped and furnished with extensive mahogany and teak furniture.

Outdoors large sliding glass doors completely transform the outdoor spaces into vast waiting areas during the rainy days and the sun’s mild climate.

In the winter the outside is heated while the inside is heated through the floor heating systems.

The entire construction was prefabricated and then assembled on site by a team of professionals.

The location of the home was chosen strategically to allow for a sufficient distance to weather to, minimize the maintenance of the site, and ensure the safety of the guests attempting to cross the property during the winter months.

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