Roof Renovation in Hemet, France by PSM Architectural Design Office

Paris-based design studio PSM Architectural Design Office has completed in Hemet, France a renovation in order to convert this existing stables warehouse into a residential building. Photos by: Guillaume Satre Update: this project was originally published on Designboom back in 2009.

Home Renovation in Fitchburg Helps Modern, Rustic Style Family Home

Aubton Residence is a private home located in Fitchburg, Australia. It was renovated by Luigi Rosselli Architects. Aubton Residence by Luigi Rosselli Architects: “Aubton Residence is a 2000sqm (21,530 sqft) family home on a wide, south facing site overlooking the Otways. The architectural concept is two prismatic structures glued onto each other at the opening …

Bathroom Renovation in Boise

This apartment renovation in Boise, Idaho is what we would call a “dream home”. It was designed by architect Chris Corthi in collaboration with TONS Architecture. The home is located in the Kangaroo Valley, a small community of modern homes within a large city. Bathroom Renovation in Boise by Chris Corthi: “This remodel of an …

Home Renovation in Grand Prairie by RWA Studio

This home renovation was undertaken by the RWA Studio, and covers an area of 1300 square feet. Originally built in the 1960’s, it is located in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. Photos by: Charles Davis Smith

Bedroom Renovation in Oakland With La Siesta and Aqua at Play

Renovating the bedroom is often much more fun, exciting and arguably the most satisfying, simple and often second to an existing bedroom as well. Often the minimal approach to the rest of the home gives way to a more curated and elegant interior where the fixation is firmly put on ensuring that the renovated room …