Apartment Renovation in San Jose by David Bonine

This apartment renovation was carried out by David Bonine, and it is located in San Jose, Santa Cruz County, USA. The renovation mixes more modern elements with the original rustic aspect of the building, creating a whole new atmosphere unique to its owners. Photos by: David Cleveland Photography

Home Renovation in Oxnard, California by Yerger Design Studio

A sophisticated home designer living in San Francisco with an impressive view of the city and ocean is the setting of this new renovation project by Yerger Design Studio. The home, previously a one-story home, was remodeled to accommodate a spacious 1,250 square foot home, including three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living area, and a splash …

Floor Renovation in New London Surrounds Old Post-War House

From the outside, this Britannica Post-War house in New London appears to be nothing more than a brick throw back to a more conventional, red brick house. However, once inside the fence is thrown back completely, a beautiful open plan kitchen, dining area and living room is revealed. It is from this vantage point that …

Home Renovation in Bradenton, Indiana by Mixing Materials and Intensity

Mixing materials and Intensity has been the theme of this modern home renovation in Bradenton, Indiana, USA. The architectural firm Mixing Materials and Intensity has teamed up with Nashville’s WK Architects to have the home transformed into a spacious urban residence. The renovation took place in a former garage that had been hiding for years. …

Kitchen Renovation in San Jose, California

This contemporary kitchen was remodeled in 2009 by GLR Architects and it is located in San Jose, California, USA. The kitchen was spacious and had beautiful wood accents, which add a touch of warmth. Its contemporary look makes it perfect for a large family. Photos courtesy of GLR Architects