Bathroom Renovation in Hemet, France by SWINSHIUA

Gabrielle Moura thinks that renovation without furniture is just as bad as childbirth: “The apartment in Hemet, France was originally used as a furniture company that served the Haute couture chain. It has been brought down to the milling which removed traditional division of the rooms, leading to the various fixed furniture units. A stylistic …

Bedroom Renovation in Panama City by Ardud Artic Architects

This contemporary interior is a renovation of an apartment created for two professionals in Panamby, Balinese-born Alfredo Hirsch and his wife and lawyer, singer and stylist Anna Maria Dolores. They had to take over the renovation of the 1,519-square-foot penthouse and the assignment was to completely rearrange the spaces and to transform the 135m2 apartment …

Home Renovation in Daytona Beach by Mark Tracy

Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces recently completed a renovation on a 2,500 square foot home in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. The home was stripped down to its concrete frame and re-imagined using an open plan that increases the dynamic spaces and the flow of water through the new structure. Photos by: Jeff Ong

Floor Renovation in Mesquite by Latuiz Cots

This contemporary interior is a renovation of an apartment created for two sisters, in the traditional neighborhood of Mesquite, in the outskirts of Texas, USA. The goal of the project was to bring greater interaction between the sisters and illuminate the space with their own light. Currently, the room is decorated with beautiful cream colored …

Kitchen Renovation in Philadelphia by Square One

This apartment renovation was made by Philadelphia interior design firm Square One. The project includes the complete renovation of a kitchen in the Charles Street neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photos by: Brett Bovell

Floor Renovation in Johnson City, New York

This renovated, floor-to-ceiling residence located in Johnson City, New York, USA was created by Staffan Tollgard Design Studio. The interior is hip and stylish, with wood elements and a subdued color palette. Photos courtesy of Staffan Tollgard Design Studio

Floor Renovation in San Bernardino, California by Matt Fajkus Architecture

San Bernardino-based architectural firm Matt Fajkus Architecture has completed this renovation of a 1960s home located in San Bernardino, California, USA. Floor Renovation in San Bernardino, California by Matt Fajkus Architecture: “Even though the original house was built in 1967 and somehow has been passed into the building over the years, in our new project …