Hotel Renovation in Oxnard by Yedas Besson

During the renovation process of the Hotel Renovation in Oxnard, California, the owners worked closely with Boston-based studio Yedas Besson to design a sophisticated approach to creating a space with character that would represent the hotel’s essence. The focus of the renovation was to create an open and spacious guest suite with the ability to …

Bedroom Renovation in Miramar by AI-Studio Architecture

Miramar is a private residence renovated by AI-Studio Architecture. It is located in Miramar, Portugal. Bedroom Renovation in Miramar by AI-Studio Architecture: “The aim of the renovation of the Miramar apartment is to create a wide and comfortable bedroom space while maintaining an appropriate level of isolation to be used during the day. The distribution …

Roof Renovation in Augusta by Richard Kirk Architects

This contemporary renovation is a roof rooftop renovation carried out by Richard Kirk Architects, its name being ‘Rooftop Renovation’. Located in Augusta, Australia, the home is characterized by steep roofs and dark wood floors. Photos by: Shannon McGrath

Roof Renovation in El Paso by Wendy Merizo

This renovation of a small terrace in El Paso, Texas, by is done in such a way as to increase the usable space throughout the house. It is a renovation of a simple house, that incorporates elements of the original house that have been preserved in the process. Photos by: Patricia Watts

Kitchen Renovation in Kalamazoo by Lakshan Scott Design

This rustic kitchen renovation was carried out by Lakshan Scott Design, and it is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. The home is characterized by exposed brick walls, rich wood floors, and large windows. Photos by: Tim Hall Photography HomeDSGN has received this project from our WeTransfer channel. Architects and interior designers are welcome to submit …

Church Renovation in Springdale, Arizona

This contemporary home is a springdale renovation by DUST in partnership with Tracy Scott Design. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA which covers an area of 13,900 square feet. The home is currently for sale for $619,000,000. Buy it now! Photos courtesy of DUST