Garage Renovation in Cambridge Square by SF-ID

SF-ID has completed this renovation of a 2,000 square foot storage garage located in Cambridge Square, Hampstead, London. SF-ID Architects has remastered this apartment in green glass, black fiberglass, and polished concrete. It is located in one of the oldest industrial, swing bars in all of London. Photos courtesy of SF-ID

Garage Renovation in Wilmington, Delmotte by Minim

This garage renter apartment is located in Elmwood Heights, a neighborhood of downtown Wilmington, Delaware. The home is spacious and warm, with a few elements lacking in comfort, such as flat screen television. It is currently for sale for $3,450,000. Buy it now! Photos courtesy of JLF & Associates

Home Renovation in Cincinnati, Ohio

Now, this renovated home is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Originally built in 1910, the home is composed of a series of buildings, hence its name, and its interior is now a conglomeration of chic and well-planned spaces. Photos by: James F. Wilson

Hotel Renovation in Boise by Kariouk Associates

The owners of this historic 1880’s building located in Boise, Idaho, asked Kirk Kent Studio, the architectural firm on-site, to finish this renovation so that the building could continue to provide the hotel’s guests with luxurious interiors without sacrificing its older attributes. Without losing its authenticity and originality, the renovation project came about as a …

Roof Renovation in Clarksville

This contemporary interior is a renovation of a single-level bungalow located in Clarksville, Ontario, Canada. In 2011, it was demolished down to its barest bones, giving this 38,000 square-foot residence a modernized, more spacious interior. Roof Renovation in Clarksville by Robson Rak Architects: “A modern bungalow in Ontario, a contemporary design architect’s own home, this …

Apartment Renovation in Harlingen by Armola Marques

This armless apartment was renovated in 2012 by Armola Marques, the interior design studio located in Harlingen, the capital of Chile. The space serves as a playground for the young inhabitants of this home, encouraging them to interact and socialize. Apartment Renovation in Harlingen by Armola Marques: “The project involves dismantling a condominium unit in …

Bedroom Renovation in Overland Park by Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects

This overland park house renovation by Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects is characterized by a sloping roof, exposed wood ceiling beams, and large windows. These all of these elements put a new face on the house and make it into an oasis in the middle of an expensive forest. This four bedroom, three bathroom …