This kitchen renovation project was completed in 2010 and is located in Yakima, Kanagawa, Japan.

It was designed by Fumihiko Tanabe for a entrepreneur who wanted to bring a third generation of his family to visit him.

Kitchen Renovation in Yakima by Fumihiko Tanabe:

“During the renovation process I took partial responsibility for finding the right balance whereby the three existing buildings – the main apartment, the basement apartment, and the backyard apartment – would appropriately interact. I wanted to bring both groups closer to each other while having my own personal space.

I arranged the lines so that the kitchen and dining space would be fully integrated with the backyard. I wanted the kitchen to be on one side of the apartment so that we could enjoy the dining table and enjoy the morning coffee together.

I placed the hot tub on the roof, so that we could afford it over the apartment because the apartment does not have any warm rooms (in the winter). We could therefore enjoy the views to the city center while having a shower in the apartment.

I hoped that we could open the views so that the apartment would become one with the backyard. We finished up the views by placing the hot tub on the roof, and extending the apartment so that the whole floor has windows.

With this method we can enjoy the views while living the winter in the city.

The ruins of Victorian houses are scattered around the streets of Japan, and this project is intended to reinforce that by explaining the purposes of the rooms and the arrangement of the spaces.

Therefore, I think this is a building that can offer us comfort and conveniences without having to sacrifice any of the aesthetic niceties.”

Photos by: Koichi Torimura

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