This kitchen renovation came from Fertility Design, and it is located in Yakima-gun, Japan.

The kitchen was remodeled in a style that had become tired and outdated.

It now has glossy wooden furniture, and a warmer atmosphere.

Kitchen Renovation in Yakima by Fertility Design:

“This is a kitchen that was renovated with a vintage touch. The kitchen stood in a room of about 60 square meters and was a typical residential kitchen. However, the living room was smaller and the bathroom and the kitchen were small.

The kitchen was completely renovated and the transformation of the living room and the bedroom are better connected with the exterior. On the bottom floor are the bathroom, the bedroom and an overtime room that is also used for the sake area.

We made light cuts on the floor and filled the china shop and the display cabinets with blue glass block. The ceiling was made light by cutting 1m lengthwise.

We bound the waist with a high white rug to make the kitchen look more spacious. An existing stairway was removed to build a new upper floor. The top floor was cleared of floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets. The top floor was cleared of a hallway that leads to the bathroom.

The design of the furniture is no longer needed as the digital economy, which allows owning the house that was remodeled with a limited budget, made it possible.”

Photos by: Hiroyuki Oki

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