Designed by House O’Neill Architecture, this contemporary residence was created for a family of five members that wanted a place where they could gather together as a family to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, where all the daily stress could be concentrated around the kitchen area. The architects organized this place in the backyard of the house in the middle of the backyard, inviting the trees and the greenery in to create a comfortable place to live.

The project consists of two intertwined volumes of various sizes that house a kitchen, living room, bathroom and laundry room. An underground courtyard invites visitors to enjoy the landscaped space and the lush green garden. Furthermore, the designers have integrated all the aspects of the house in the renovation process, designing a space that blends into the surroundings but never intrades the space in any way. This contemporary house is located in Phoenix, Arizona and covers an area of 2,800 square feet.

It is a house with an ingenious construction that allows the residents to enjoy the outdoor areas and the lush garden situated just a few meters away. In order to benefit from all the natural light that the house receives from the glass walls and windows that surround it, the study area was placed upstairs.

The ground level of the house is a continuous space which houses the living room, the kitchen and the dining area. All these spaces are covered with glass walls and windows, this providing a beautiful view to the yard and the garden. Upstairs are the private areas: the bedrooms, bathrooms and the library.

The contemporary design is given by the use of steel, wood and glass, reflecting the lighting patterns found in nature. Every single piece of furniture was designed and placed in order to create a unique and original atmosphere.

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