This contemporary kitchen renovation by Anthony Coscia is located in Paterson, New Zealand.

The colour scheme is meant to allow the space to feel comfortable each and every day.

Kitchen Renovation in Paterson by Anthony Coscia:

“The clients wanted to improve their kitchen and overall feel of the apartment by adding a light colour scheme, more comfortable dining area and new laundry and bathroom.

The simplest strategy is to cover all the walls with pre made white stucco typefaces. Since the kitchen was an open space all types of our furniture could be included there.

The living and kitchen are moved to the outermost parts of the apartment for a smoother looking kitchen. The living area is then connected to the dark outside space which faces north.

The kitchen is then placed in the centre of the building, around the huge ‘bean roof’. This is where the coffee table is placed and traditional Japanese style incandescent light bulbs are installed.

To break the flat surface and to bring more light to the kitchen, the two little windows above the kitchen are opened up just a bit.

The other little windows face a little further into the living space, enabling a view of the park next to the kitchen and a clearer view of the sky.

The new layout of the kitchen is now more functional and has a much more beautiful looking finish.

The living space in now centered around the new white block that acts as a mould and has the best finish in the build.

The existing maisonette format is left intentionally blank to provide the opportunity for the addition, still using the structural shell of the original building.”

Photos by: Kevin Hui

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