Overland Park is a private residence designed by Sharp Architects.

Completed in 2012, it is located in Overland Park, a suburban suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It was completed in 2010, and features an interior design that is bold and colorful, using colorful accessories to add character.

Kitchen Renovation in Overland Park by Sharp Architects:

“This is a large project completed in the mid 2000s and a household residence of approximately 2 adults and 3 bedrooms. Averagely this is a kitchen (living room) with a large gourmet eat-in area and 2 small decks and two water features. This residence is one of a series of incremental changes to the Overland Park site. The first to be constructed on this lot was this 2-bedroom residence.

The clients hired Sharp Architects to demolish the existing home and to construct a totally new home on this site. Both the existing home and the new addition are to be constructed in the same material as the pre-existing house to provide links and continuity to the site and its surrounding residential neighborhood.

The architects chose a concrete construction for the main floor of the residence consisting of 30 pieces of masonry bonded together with plywood. The middle of the building is designed as a large open living space with a nearly 30 foot height ceiling. This allows the living room to extend into the terrace which would be considered a loft. The new additions merge into the background with the existing façade and roof structure of the 1960’s.

The site has a rocky southeast side with views towards the path and around. The client’s requested a simple interior layout and a living space which opens directly to the terrace. No unnecessary elements were included in the design in order to maintain a tranquil atmosphere.

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