This rustic modern home is located in Moreno Valley, California, on a site set within a 100-year old oak and carob tree’s caretaker’s cottage. The home has views of the low-growing olive trees.

Designed by McCormack Mason Architects, the renovation of the home has been carefully planned to allow for the elimination of traditional single-story homes.

A new kitchen and dining space have been added, as well as a new living and sleeping space at the rear of the home.

The addition of a home office has allowed the creation of a master suite in the main house as well as a guest room and the elimination of an existing bedroom which has been transformed into a home office.

All the bathrooms (including the guest bathroom) have been fitted with high-tech amenities and solutions.

In order to maximize the amount of wall space, a wall was torn down and an artificial ceiling placed in the inner part of the kitchen.

This wall was then filled with a glass door creating a feeling of floating and blending the kitchen to the outside.

On the ground floor, a family room and family kitchen combine, complete with a breakfast bar that is visible from all the rooms.

The 2 more children’s bedrooms above the master suite are directly across the hall from the bathroom/family room.

Each child’s room has its own bathroom and each child’s room has its own front porch.

The master bedroom master bathroom is the space with the best views in the house. The shoreline is clearly visible from the master bedroom and it is designed in such a way that corners are left out in the clear and minimize the impact of the neighbor’s building.

Since the corner site is very close to neighboring trees, trees from other yards were taken into consideration and are blessed with beautiful views.

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