This contemporary kitchen renovation by Studio B Architects takes the house up a notch in style! Perform best of both function and form – the ultra-modern counters and storage elements flow into the laminated details providing an eye-catching effect. Overlooking the main goal – the large windows offer the best possible views of the outdoors.

Luxury plays a defining role in the look and feel of this open concept kitchen. From the moment you enter, the open air shelves, accentuated by a lower shelf, allow you to appreciate the eclectic style of this pretty fusion of function.

Contemporary touches and a unique setting meet in the kitchen area highlighted by amber crystal accents. Pale wood framing on cabinets creates an ultra modern look that is coupled with contemporary details to offer the best of both worlds.

The vibrant yellow backsplash adds the personality the kitchen needs to brighten up the room. Minimalist white lower cabinets and the large island create a graphic focal point in this kitchen area.

A simple deck makes the living space feel more relaxing. Suspended lights are perfect for a patio or surrounded by vegetation, while the ceiling-mounted pendant embodies the ultimate in minimalism.

Dive in!

A curved kitchen peninsula gives way to a wide, deep, and homey dining area. Black and white have become the order of the day, and the focal point in this kitchen is the black chimney hood. All of the kitchen’s appliances come with a standard small size countertop, and the bar stools are from Golesso.

The dining table is positioned differently in the room – the white armchairs and large white chairs frame the large table with a contemporary look, while the marble top and lower cabinetry keep it small and intimate.

Leading up from the kitchen is a wooden staircase featuring black railing. The vaulted ceiling ensures an open feeling, and block lighting in the stairwell maintains the room’s open feel.

A screen is embedded into the ceiling at the top of the staircase, providing privacy while letting light flow through.

The final step of the staircase is a wooden finishing that wraps itself around a second story compartment. Two round windows on either side of the arch lead to the upper level balcony, and let light flow through.

The lower level is almost awning style, providing shade and shelter from the sun.

The home is a mix of traditional and modern house, with a thick stone wall that continues up the wall near the balconies. Large windows at the front connect the interior of the home to the exterior garden.

A sloping roof hugs the front entrance, a staircase leading up is a wood and steel mezzanine, and a small deck wraps the front and back of the home.

Standing underneath the mezzanine platform, a large kitchen and dining area can be utilized simultaneously. The ceiling of this level is punctuated by a thick slab of concrete with a molded shape.

While a kitchen area may not have an ocean view, it still opens onto the landscape through its windows and glass doors, and myriad storage areas that all have visual access to the outdoors. This layout preserves water views and gives room for landscaping.

The master bedroom is the most beachside detail of the home with its own private deck and views down the coast line. The wood and glass walls are the perfect companion for the heavy limestone wall, and even the nearby pool is enhanced with a sunken seating area that lets the homeowners see beneath it all.

Moments of nature are also taken into account in the design of the interior. Well-placed skylights and white-painted wood cabinetry provide natural light to small nooks and spaces in the home.

The bathroom is defined by marble-like flooring, a freestanding tub echoing the irregular edges of the slabs of the ceiling, and a glass wall that wraps around the shower.

Irateira Bivi Arnall

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