First Heights is a renovation project carried out by Studio 1000, completed in 2014.

The home is located in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

First Heights by Studio 1000:

“The designers at Studio 1000 have deep knowledge of color, progressive urban design, and the application of color throughout the space and are adept at creating refined corridors with succession of spatial opportunities for the various components of the urban environment.

The First Heights renovation is the completion of a complete Detroit home. The sweeping site could easily be overwhelmed with an overwhelming amount of fixtures, furniture, and excess building envelopes.

The designers chose to stress the vertical component of the renovation with new ceiling heights, install a new lighting embedded in the stairwell, and re-structulate the layout to create three separate and distinct public and private spaces. To combat this, the designers utilized a bold color palette, bold paint colors, and modern twists to create a sophisticated urban haven.

The impact of the siting and the remodel is varied and striking. As the dust settles, the home becomes an urban oasis that boasts stunning views, design brilliance, and head-on views of the Detroit skyline.”

Photos by: Paul Knecht

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