We love the contemporary style of this kitchen renovation carried out by Broschi & Brown-Neaves Architects. The setting is a quintessentially white, neutral color which helps to reflect the view and free standing walls allowing the shaker style cabinets and service supply chest to make a big visual impact.

The challenge was to keep the space in the black and white, with all the additions in the kitchen being in white frame with contrasting black elements. The previous state of the shop mantel veneer and window frames was later repurposed into white art for the kitchen area.

The kitchen itself has been repurposed into a dining area with custom chairs around a white table that allows customers to choose their own breakfast foods.

In the void between the upper dining platforms is a traditional kitchen island made out of solid wood.

The doors separating the service and storage cubicles were repurposed into sliding freezer drawers. The space also features a wall of storage and appliance cabinets that serve the dual kitchen needs.

The wall facing the dining space was reserved for storage and display.

The dining space is in the kitchen, which is next to it. The wall facing the service areas and the laundry is where the sinks are located.

The stairs leading to the master suite lead to the office, which is located in the room that was originally the kitchen.

The office, like the rest of the house, features dark colours, which are balanced by a headboard in black.

In the bedroom, the dark colours are in small multiples,placed one on top of the other in a grid-like arrangement.

The result is a minimalist but elegant and trendy look.

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