This kitchen renovation was undertaken by Murray Legge Architecture and is located in Charleston, SC, USA.

The home has a fresh and bright interior, with large windows and high ceilings.

Kitchen Renovation in Charleston, SC by Murray Legge Architecture:

“The clients, a young family of five consisting of two parents and three children, requested a clean, simple interior that would be warm and full of light, but that would also respect the clients’ love of art and music.

The kitchen is plastered on the outside, with white Corian countertops that set the tone for the pale wood island, which is the main focal point of the kitchen. However, the space is limited and there is little natural light due to the position of the dining room over the upper windows of the house.

To remedy this, we chose a palette of natural wood flooring that matches the crux of the kitchen, consisting of white marble, dark bronze, black walnut, and white granite. The island is the only dark wood in the kitchen, as it contains the cooktop, sink, and barstools. Substituting one or two white cabinets with a black one creates a surprising depth within the kitchen. In order to create a lift and cosiness at the dining table, cushioned black chairs around the dining table combine with a blue padded bench. The addition of a large painting with a white abstract character at the back of the dining area steals attention while adding a warm touch to the space.

An exercise in keeping it minimal involved, the sleek and minimal furnishing of the kitchen is mainly done in white, which helps to further unify the space. Spacious but simple cabinetry in the kitchen is exactly what the client requested, and he has met her and her requirements all year long.

The result is harmony and a carefully studied balance.”

Photos by: Murray Fredericks

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