This kitchen renovation in Champaigne, France was undertaken by Carr Design Group.

The home is located in Champaigne, a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, France.

Kitchen Renovation in Champaigne by Carr Design Group:

“In the social area, the subsociation of kitchen, laundry and living area is articulated by the extension of the kitchen island, which also helps to open the space, granting the warmth of the dining area.

A large wood arch, consisting of a redwood flank, with a mirror of the same style, is suspended over the kitchen table.

In the master bedroom, the same woodblock, painted in white, covers the bedside table and is also used as a wardrobe.

In the children’s room, an additional sheet of wood, this time painted blue, is used as a floor covering.

In the old couple’s bedroom, a new shower was added, this time in white, with a white marble sink and wall mounted shower with a strong vertical line of glass.

In the master bathroom, a new arc cabin was set up, with a shower of white marble and a thick wooden bench.”

Photos by: Luca Santiago

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