Timber Construction Company and Schwartz Architecture has renovated a 2000 square foot home in Apple Valley, Valley County, Pennsylvania, USA.

According to the architects, “a small family with a young children wanted our present home to be a modern interpretation of the traditional aesthetics associated with the coastal cottage typology.

The home is characterized by straight lines and has been carefully selected in the coveted Green Ridge Glacial Park and adjoining landscape areas.

The entry path transforms the first floor living space, which is composed of guest bedrooms, into an area open to the backyard.

The second floor bedroom wing, which is designed like a large interior pavilion, opens into its own private landscaped courtyard with a solid wall separating it from the entry portal.

The large wall is made of walnut and has been deliberately designed as a continuous surround to the glass wall and view of the landscaped courtyard. In addition to the wall, a staircase runs the length of the house on the side of the courtyard.

The courtyard offers direct access to the backyard, which is designed like a boat room, lined with expansive vertical wood siding that is visible both from the yard and the entry portal.

The side of the house facing the driveway and parking space is much more closed in than the back of the house because of the location, which allows only a single driveway access.

In terms of volume, the house is arranged on three levels. The ground floor is mostly glass and has a flat roof, which helps keep the interior down-to-earth.

The middle floor is mostly concrete and is the main living space. In contrast, the top floor is made of wood and is more private, bonding the house with the landscape.

In addition to the clear exterior walls, the inside of the house is also characterized by interiors that are all flowing areas of varying degrees of privacy, indicative of the different rooms and activities of the house.

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Each space has its own personality, but the symmetry of the decor and furnishings gives a sense of harmony and, at the same time, adds a sense of fluency to the accents, demonstrating that the owners really wanted this place to seem to bring them the comfort they needed.

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