This hotel, located in Santa Ana de Zaragoza, Jalisco, Mexico, was remodeled by A-cero.

The interior is hip and stylish, with a palette of colors and materials that reflects the lifestyle of the occupants.

Hotel Renovation in Santa Ana de Zaragoza by A-cero:

“The renovation of this hotel, in Santa Ana city, is part of a loft project of 130m2 sqs, originally held in a previous generation apartment, among others, of which 60m2 sqs were rebuilt and expanded.

It is a project that seeks to continue the housing of older residents of the old building, creating new spaces that are attractive for tourists, and, on the other hand, allowing them to remain in the historic background, attributing to the continuation of their cultural identity.

In this loft a distinctive old brick wall, with architectural marks, adds personality to each of the spaces. In some rooms the Renaissance details and the paintings are integrated; in others the archivo shots of the Filippo Gaudíos are used, as well as the portraits of Jesus’ mother. The kitchen, designed according to the brand of the hotel, is an unusual proof, since it is a remodeling that not only makes the spaces, the passage of time, but also let us a clear view of the original building.

For the rest, the accommodations are adapted to the new needs. For the rooms with ceilings higher than 30 m2 (344 ft2), special care has been taken over the furnishings, the partitioning, and the stairways, not to forget the original drainage, of which it was damaged in the passage.

In some establishments, the high beams have been preserved, original of the building, which will be restored with being careful to maintain a homogeneity. In the restoration, signs of the original spellbinding ceiling beams were kept, but in smaller places, old floorboards were exposed with signs of the passage of time, or ceramics were salvaged for the kitchen, bathrooms, and fireplace.

In the staircases, signs of the time have been preserved, but in smaller places, signs of the times past can be seen. A spiral staircase, in white iron, leads to the last floor, where you are welcomed bydoors and gardens. In this way, the garden, the old garden, and the old house are made a part of the interior.”

Photos by: Aitor Estévez

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