One of the latest rooftop renovation projects in the city of Salt Lake City is this new rooftop addition at the request of the homeowner, who wanted to treat this existing urban wasteland — complete with desolate and patchy streets and exposed houses — as a contemporary retreat allowing privacy. Designed by Pitch Architecture, the combined retail/residential building size encompasses a total of 2100 square feet.

The north side and south side of this unique structure are clad in crowsey oak, with the soft opening of the large balcony/perch creating the connection of the two outdoors. The large roof overhang and the deck overhang provide shade and protection from the summer sun, while the steel balustrade and pergola ensure that this piece of outdoor living is secure at all times. The large roof also creates a natural place for exercise equipment, and ensures that the homeowner can find a place to relax and unwind before heading outdoors.

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