We love spaces that create a natural art gallery! That’s why we were excited to see the latest renovation project involving the renovation of a boutique hotel in Roanokeek, the capital of the Netherlands.

Artist studio SugeNam Kitchen created a space where creative and inventive products and techniques could animated and enrich the rooms, from the walls to the ceiling.

The goal and the means used by the designers were a return to the basics, using non-toxic materials that altogether look far more environmentally and responsibly responsible than many of the next generation of Belgium’s garbage factories.

Besides being charming, the space is also full of light, despite being contained by walls and doors that create a false impression of a clean and lack of clutter.

We also like to see modern work done in black and white, and one of our favorite elements is the pencils made of recycled books – each one is painted in a different manner, giving the space a unique touch.

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