The Punta Gorda Hotels is located in Punta Gorda, Mallorca, Spain.

The nearby golf course is just a stone’s throw away, and the interior of the hotel is decorated in a sophisticated style that combines decorative accessories with stone and wood.

It is currently for sale for $14,900,000.

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Punta Gorda Hotels:

“The tranquil island of Punta Gorda brings together the most popular Mediterranean resorts found in the Aegean and the island of Formentera, with a series of boutique hotels and suites that fuse the comfort of the island’s climate and the serenity of its beaches and surroundings with the security of its location and facilities.

The mainland is still technically in the safe zone of the island, but visitors from the Gulf of Thailand are not allowed to travel there. For those who wish to spend this vacation in the country, the resort is only accessible by boat.

The resort offers a series of villas that are spread across a 1.345 sqm (12,229 sqft) plot, and many of them also have terraces. The best villas are the ones with great views over the sea or the island.

The atmosphere inside is relaxed and comfortable, and the interior design ranges from traditional to contemporary. Most of the furniture is Thai and includes a selection of Western designer pieces.

Outside there’s a beautiful sandy beach. The resort offers a pool, jacuzzi, dining and dining areas, and parking spaces. For those that wish to spend more time outside, the nearby gardens are very beautiful and lawns are spread with palm trees.

There’s really no need to go boating when you can stimm in the remote. You can just sit in the bungalow and watch a movie under the starry sky. It’s really a luxury resort that for the true minimalist fan of the sea and waters, you can choose to spend $3,100,000 a week at the beach. That’s more than the entire island and the surrounding islands cost.

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