Panama City-based architectural firm Kousing, Inc has designed the Bonita, a renovation project of an old hotel.

The Banyan Tree Panama City hotel is located in the city of Panama City, the capital of the Caribbean nation.

The Banyan Tree Panama City Hotel by Kousing, Inc:

“The old hotel was renovated to make it fit the present lifestyle of the users and to make them feel more with less.

The base64 has been kept quite intact, and is now one of the triad hotels. One of the homes of the hotel houses is a spacious terrace with pool, where one can have lunch or sunbathe above the water, or just relax under the dome shade.

The other homes are spread around the park and are possible as a luxury camping property. Each of the homes lets you experience the unique surroundings of Panama City in a way that you couldn’t previously have dreamed of.

The Meta taxi station in the Basaño street has been maintained, and is complete with a stylish, modern pedestrian entrance.

The front door is impressive, with a ten-meter-long façade, that allows visitors to withstand the pressure of the street and the construction of an additional rear façade.

At night, the traffic is very light and the pedestrians mostly walk in the night and look outwards through the glass façade.

The renovation was part of an initiative to increase the functionality of the hotel, and an aspect of sustainability that focuses on renewing the infrastructure to reduce the pollution.

ecology aesthetic.

The hotel is full of elegant white interiors, with modern and comfortable furniture, state of the art appliances, and beautiful artwork.The property also has wood mosaic floors, wooden blinds for quality assurance and protection against the sun, and bamboo garden furniture.

It is located in the Panama City suburb of Punta Pite (Punta Caniza), and has an absolute premium location, from where you can see nothing but the sky and the ocean.This is why the rooms are supposed to enjoy the view around the TV, the use of the bathroom, and the big garden, which is ideal for the warmest months.

There is an amazing blend between the exterior and interior of the villa – the interior design follows the classic line of a traditional hotel room, while the exterior is blitzed with minimalist lines, in soft tones of grey and brown.

From the terrace comes an amazing view that is as beautiful as it is unusual. You can relax on the terrace, have breakfast in the kitchen, relax on the bed, have a drink, go for a swim, or just sit there and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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