This hotel renovation was carried out in 2014 by the innovative design and architectural firm Kobi Karp Architecture, and is located in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The renovation will cost an additional $1,100,000, and the project has been completed in February 2014.

Hotel Renovation in Orlando by Kobi Karp Architecture:

“The renovation of this 6-room hotel built in 1907 included the addition of a new saloon, gallery, restaurant, and rooftop park.

The focal point of the addition is the signature Rendezvous restaurant, designed by JaK Studio – a celebrated Mexican restaurant chain known for showcasing Mexican produce in a “house of ethereal spirits”. The interior design team for this project, which has grown from the initial concept in 2006, has created a number of memorable pieces in the restaurant and bar, among other additions.

The back wall of the restaurant/bar, added in 2014, is omitted to create a focal point for the conversation between the interior and exterior spaces. In addition, the roof, which was previously used as a messenger gallery, has been spanned with perforated panels that allow visitors to have unobstructed views of the downtown skyline.

Certain elements in the interior, such as the patterned wallpaper, are repeated throughout the hotel in other elements, such as in the concave scale of the bathroom mirror frame and the rich mahogany cellar pulled from the historic district.

The rooftop cinema displayed in the rooftop garden is an unexpected presence that greets visitors upon entering the suite. The cinema is above the bar, which overlooks the town waterway.

This renovation respects both the integrity of the historic character of the building, and the desire for the hotel to integrate well into the lifestyle and aesthetic of the residents.”

Photos by: Eric Laignel

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