Hotel Renovation in Myrtle Beach is a renovation project completed by David Jameson Architect.

The hotel room is located in Myrtle Beach, a city on the southwestern coast of Virginia, USA.

It is currently for sale for $3,850,000.

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Hotel Renovation in Myrtle Beach:

“The property is located on a former military helicopter deck located on Myrtle Beach near the Adirondack State Park and just a short drive from the beaches of Myrtle Beach and the city of Cape May.

With the open spaces of the principal level and three striking Cubic Shaped windows of the Annex floor it is possible to take advantage of the view to the bay and the Adirondack State Park.

Access is via a ramp right outside the property gate.

After passing through the gate door you enter a large open space with tall ceiling heights and large expanses of glass that allow you to step out and enjoy.

The space is not linear but is divided by cubes and columns that allow you to step through the exterior voids.

The ceiling planes transform into shelving, and the countertops into benches/ tables.

The furniture is a collection of stainless steel and wenge wood separated by the use of glass.

This master swivel lounge is approximately 15 feet wide and is made of bright glass laminated toaly and overlaid with a dark wenge wood slab.

Its generous dimensions confer this compact space an irresistible view to the water beyond.

The roof is designed as a dry kinetic rain screen that protects from exceptional excess summer sun exposure.

Throughout the year the sun is utilized to the thermal mass to keep the interiors comfortable and spacious.

Landscaping is used to further accentuate the dynamic and the place remains captivating with the vibrant colors and the striking combinations of art, interior design and local materials.”

Photos by: Paul Warchol Photography and David Dworkind

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