This hotel renovation is part of a project by Spanish architectural firm Studio A: Myth that took the renovation of a hotel suite in the Gulf of Biloxi, an island in the northern Mediterranean Sea, located close to the the Black Sea.

The hotel was originally built in the 1990’s.

The three-story building needed some renovation in order to make it fit to a modern way of living.

Hotel Renovation in Gulfport-Biloxi by Studio A: Myth:

“In 2004 we started working on the renovation of a five-star hotel, the first one in the Aegean.

The project costing around $8,000,000: the client bought the hotel, 10 acres of land and then leased it to us.

During the process we kept in mind the client’s desire to live in the hotel next to his farmhouse and to explore further the possibility of becoming a duplex or apartment.

Although the hotel was built in the 80’s, we kept some of the original elements, such as building massive wooden beams and sliding doors, the old bronze door and window frames, the parquet flooring and the internal wooden beams.

We also used some handcrafted elements, for example the sink, mirror and three wrought iron elements.

Although the layout may look conservative and the rooms may be small, we put them all on our own, we arrange all the furniture in a way that simultaneous cuts between the walls and the floor, and the whole space opens up, allows the visitors to enjoy their curiosity and to enjoy the amazing view.

Because we are so concerned to impress the clients with our design, we did not honor their requests. The hotel was like a tool, a space where we would do whatever we want to and we usually win every time, our work is proof of our efforts.”

Photos by: Alejandro Peral

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