The interior of the Richard Kirk Architect Hotel in Detroit has been completely renovated in a project by Man-Made Lagoon, and it is now a stunning luxury hotel located in the heart of the city and surrounded by parks, patios and water.

Ultra modern, minimal city style interiors are imparted with sleek and hip furnishings. Bars, sofas and ottomans featuring clean flowing lines support the functional area. Natural materials are feature from floor to ceiling, creating a unique atmosphere. But wait, that’s not all, we do love this rooftop garden, where a crew of eight trained horses is allowed to effortlessly take in the city skyline.

Man-Made Lagoon sits in the heart of Detroit and is a first class property. Designed by Kirkland-based developer David Baker, the property is a groovy place to enjoy the views, the music and the baseball from its rooftop garden and pool.

With nearly every site surveyed, Man-Made Lagoon has a keen eye and a deep affinity to the natural surroundings. David Baker said, “Detroit is a dynamic place.”

Photos by: Matt Kelleeman, Tim Bight

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