The Channey Zhang Architects have completely renovated this 6 star hotel in Danbury, the heart of the Upper Kings Estate, Channing district, near Hangzhou, Zhejiang antincommun, China.

It is located in the heart of Beijing, and a suburb of Shanghai, which has become the latest urban point of reference in the Chinese cultural complex.

The existing building was demolished and a new independent building was built, which consists of a two-story adjacent park with a swimming pool and landscaped areas, looking onto the Huainan river drainage area.

The hotel was completely remodeled, and reinvented, with a new name, the “Renovation a Comfortable Home”, or as the name suggests it, the “Renovation of an Old House”.The walls are completely covered with new tiles that not only cover the floor, but also the ceiling, the kitchen and bathroom walls, as well as the shower walls.

This is in the new version of the Hotel Con Sin focused on the restrooms, which have been split into two – new entrance foyer and new living room and double height dining room.

As mentioned the previous, the façade has been renovated and the power of the new tiles design is clearly seen, except in the bathroom where the architect has added a new tiled wall that covers almost an entire wall. In order to solve the problem of overflowing bathrooms, more tiling was needed, and this was covered with a new tiled roof. For this, as for the exterior architecture, the architect has reused the façade and the lighting for the hotel restaurant.

In the night, the 304 planters were transformed into lamp-lamp trees. In the front of the restaurant, an outdoor bar has been built.”

Photos by: Tanya Kovalenko

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