Dallas-based studio James D. LaRue Architecture Design has completed the renovation of the Hotel Renovation.

This 5,038 square foot, single story, contemporary home is located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Hotel Renovation in Dallas by James D. LaRue Architecture Design:

“A 5,038 square foot single story residence and fitness room was remodeled and expanded in the heart of Downtown Dallas, Texas.

The idea of the project is to provide a more contemporary, more open house feel to the Dallas skyline.

The City of Dallas consistent an zoning plan that eliminated original setbacks and limits imposed restrictions of both size and types of buildings. We’ve deleted many, old existing setbacks, extended the perimeter of the building, made new space for a penthouse and added green spaces. The result is an open, spacious, comfortable dwelling that works to accommodate a growing family.

Because the majority of the existing setbacks were removed, including the entry, stair and second floor balcony which was taken down in the 1980’s, we felt the best approach was to demolish the old structure, leaving half of the ledge bare, and using the best materials and designs for the new house, specifically a glass box to the side, that provides shade during much of the year.

The building has been reduced to its concrete frame and glass walls, creating a connection to the exterior, not only for the view, but for lounging in natural light and receiving bountiful natural sunlight from the glass roof, which acts as a large “floating” yard.

The open floor plan allows the views from every space and running condition, and the glass wall to the outdoor patio provides the best experience of the room (and level) both during the day and in the evening.”

Photos by: James D. Perused

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