This hotel renovation was carried out in 2010 by the firm KBC and is located in the city of Boise City, Idaho, USA.

It is a comfortable retreat for lovers of the outdoors in the form of a lush rooftop garden and a modern, spacious promenade made of colorful glass.

Hotel Renovation in Boise by KBC:

“The client purchased this property in the 1930’s, which was then converted into a large house with 70 residential units in the 1980’s. When the current owners arrived, they saw the potential of the house, and best of all, the views.

The house had been through a number of modifications, mostly cosmetic. It wascationed as a second residence for many family members; many had worked there together, and others had rented it for just a week or two. However, the clients’ desires were to maintain the house and renovate it to be a place where the whole family might be someday able to enjoy spending time together (and even together at once during the season).

Surrounding the house and surrounding the new additions with greenery, such as eucalyptus and bamboo, helped to create a place of refuge and homesteading where the owners could relax, entertain family and friends, and just meditate.

The addition helps to improve the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the owners. The house now has two new wings, one wing providing four bedrooms and bathrooms for the family of six that also has an open floor plan for the common spaces. Two additional rooms, a kitchen and a washroom, were also added, all of which help to reinforce the relationship between the house and its landscaped area.

A new swimming pool was added and the entire property has been landscaped with native, drought tolerant vegetation.”

Photos by: Shaun Cammack

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