This renovation took place in 2010 and it is located in Atlantic City, New York, USA.

It was undertaken by Davis Architects.

Hotel Renovation in Atlantic City by Davis Architects:

“Originally a space for horses it was turned into loft apartments and became a 2 story arts and crafts boutique hotel, with the second arm housing the private horse unit that can be used as a suite.

The focal point of the architectonic project is the melding of both, and particularly, the old and the new. The existing is clearly the strong element of the building, which pulls the building together. It is a simple composition of concrete, stained glass and oak floors surrounded by a metallic staircase, the thin vertical windows provide delicate vistas across the immense space and dark, high ceilings project this calm sensibility into the infinite.

One of the most intriguing spaces is the melding of indoor and outdoor. The old, victorious beauty of the existing loft space becomes the new fulcrum of the home. A row of skylights bring in plentiful, natural light from the sky, flooding the sculptural staircase that leads to the main living floor above.

Deep within the concrete structure is the kitchen, an open air dining room within a completely open floor plan that seamlessly flows into one another. An outdoor stairway from the kitchen to the pool area is flanked by a wood and steel wall that slips into the existing concretework, and also veritably doubles as a massive screen for the French window louvers.

An oak floor within the first floor meld into the Sandstone slab that protects the bathroom within. A storage unit that runs the length of the kitchen runs parallel to the skylight, and is protected from the rain by a partial roof that also protects the entrance to the bathroom. All walls, built in, and faceted differently to the rest of the space. Core, plumbing, electrical, and cooling design and construction are all integrated within a very efficient and small space.”

Photos by: Peter Molick

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