This contemporary home is a 2010 renovation by Michael Hennessey Architecture located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

The focus of the renovation was to take advantage of the expansive views and the surrounding forest.

Home Renovation in Worcester by Michael Hennessey Architecture:

“An existing 1870’s small stone house on a stoic corner lot in the central part of the town of Worcester was transformed dramatically into a incomple tiled swimming pool.

The exterior was given a look – a more contemporary take on Middlebury’s waterworks. A bold green tile pattern is used on the exterior. The pool is to scale and is modeled after the surrounding wooded landscape.

We sought out a muralist to provide the muralist with a platform to rise up, giving the space an ambience of outdoor meditation.

This home is full of light and this sky high space is emphasized by a skylight whose height is virtually paralyzed. It is a stark relief of space that becomes more alive, more present and more beautiful.”

Photos by: Michael Wells

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