This renovated home dating back to 1967 was originally built in 1958. It’s located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. When the current owners purchased the place, it had been in a pretty bad state. Nevertheless, they saw the potential of this place. The renovation they managed to do was spectacular. It preserved the old and turned the place into a more contemporary and functional home suited for a modern lifestyle.

The renovation was carried out by Design Group Architects.The project consisted in uniting and opening up the space. In order to do that, several changes had to be made. For example, all the original ducts and openings were replaced. The materials and structures were preserved. Also, the front and rear roofs had to be restored. The flooring was changed as well as the bricks. Some of the new features, such as the skylights and the aluminum windows, were designed to reflect the old and thus to preserve as much of the original as possible.

The kitchen was also repainted and got new tiles. The front of the island got new doors, the stove has been upgraded, the cabinets are reflective aluminum, the kitchen supports have been removed and there’s a new sink with carbon fiber finish wrap around it. The laundry room got new flooring and some of the walls have been made a little bit more spacious. It’s now a way of enjoying the old house even more.{found on archdaily}

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