Completed in 2012, this home overlooks the Bonaserr waterfall. A simple concrete slab path meanders across the water to the glass wall which wraps around the western end of the property. The glass wall allows the water to drain away without creating a large amount of wet soil in the pathway.

Located in the Berkshires, Pennsylvania, USA on a low slope the home is on a small lot only covering the deck and terrace with small, square pocholas. Built in 2011, the renovation was aimed at modernizing the flow rather than adding to it.

The architects created a new layout that features an open floor plan that unleashes great room potential with the bunk style bedroom in the rear saving space for the kitchen. The lower level also embraces an outdoor dining area that is protected from the prevailing summer breezes by a glass wall that works as a trays for plants.

What’s more, it has a large outdoor lounge area that is protected from the prevailing winds by a glass wall on the lower level.

The complete lack of privacy that the backyard location presented a barrier for invading neighbors, allowing the designers to create a large open deck that feels like an extension of the interior living spaces.

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