Toronto-based studio Premnt Studio has completed the remodeling of a 4,000 square foot apartment located in the Starfall Building in Sterling Heights, in north Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Starfall Apartment by Premnt Studio:

“As our founding Architects, our clients have a love for open spaces and our mantra is to create an interior that is comfortable and functional but yet large and luxurious, giving the eye an opportunity to enter right into the feeling of being both indoors and out.

Given the precinct location, we knew it was difficult to make a fully informed decision about the materials and finishes, so we based our decisions on a study of the clients lifestyle to give it up as a study in textures and finishes.

The focus was on deciding how we wanted the space to be: crisp, clean, clear, warm yet cool and fresh. It was decided quickly by the clients that all three tenets could be achieved and that the table would be the key piece.

The table becomes the star of the interior. It is cut in a single rectangular piece that is seated to the floor and the wall, the same as in the kitchen at the island, the only other thing that the clients had to disassemble.

Once that was done, we set the table, the quiet tone for the entire apartment, with a gentle touch to the wooden floor and a light show over the table to reflect the bright and bold tones used in the decor. Then we added the chairs in the corner with leather upholstery and the light fixtures over the table.

The tile went mostly unnoticed, as it was used in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in the living room. It was important to us to create a space that was versatile and could take any form with the client’s changing lifestyle. So, in the living room, we decided to use the sofa, bed, and TV as a canvas for creating a space that could take pictures. Then, over the sofa, we placed a small easel so that we could paint it a different color every week.

And that’s pretty much it. It was a good, unique way to present the artwork, and create a space that would be visually interesting but also comfortable.”

Photos by: Lauren Turley

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