This home renovation work was carried out by Factor design.

It is located in Roanokeek, New South Wales, Australia, and was completed in 2014.

Home Renovation in Roanokeek by Factor design:

“The original dark and divided up footprint of this double fronted mid century Victorian dwelling was retained and a new rear addition providing light and play in the plan was introduced to open up the formerly divided rooms.

The kitchen was completely redone with a large island bench top and cupboard doors leading onto a new rear garden. A cosy dining area with bench seating and a large dining table separates the kitchen from the dining room and provides additional seating during parties and lunches.

The existing window was removed and the existing low window was extended, to open up the room to the garden.

The client’s requirements earmarked a new bathroom and laundry, brought in a bespoke concrete sink and washbasin and dark bronze framed sliding shower screen which provides privacy from the adjacent properties.

The front entry porch was rebuilt to improve connectivity between the kitchen / dining and entry hall and the living room.

The original front dining room was reopened to connect the kitchen / dining area with the living room, the design of which has been replaced by a new covered patio which now becomes an outdoor lounge including a kitchen area with bay windows which opens onto a protected rear garden.”

Photos by: Brett Boardman

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