This home renovation was undertaken by AM Designs, and it is located in Singapore.

It is a 2009 project that features a unique mix of decorative accessories and rich wall colors, the resulting effect giving each room character and individuality.

Home Renovation in Richland by AM Designs:

“We bid to redefine the definition of home. We can see through the reflection of light through the reflection of mirrors and window openings, a home is enveloped by the family space and the family room is the family centre. We wanted to create some kind of intimacy in these spaces, so we framed some decoration and artwork that reflects the personality of the family.

The final result is a refinement crafted for a modern tropical house, we use light colours and soft wallpapers. We tried to hence the connection to the family and space and also enable the members of the family to live in an open, airy and luxurious atmosphere.”

Photos by: Richard Jamos

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