Long Beach, CA, is often a beach town where one encounters a stunning coastal view and vistas. Designed by creative home builder Gavin West, this Long Beach, CA house has taken advantage of this beautiful scenery and has been largely transformed into an inviting indoor-outdoor living space.

The challenge was to create a home that would be inviting and luxurious on each level, both inside and out, so that the clients could spend countless hours as they sit on the pool and enjoy the sun and the beach at one end. Although the house was renovated and reorganized, there is no structural change to be made that would justify the reduced space.

The living space is designed on the first level and houses the kitchen, dining room, and living room, as well as a home office, powder room, and serene courtyard. The second level holds the bedrooms, bathroom, and a family room.

The courtyard cuts through the center of the house and joins with the swimming pool in the courtyard. Its large overhang provides shade along with a water feature.

Guests can enjoy a pleasant water experience even inside the house thanks to the two elevators that are carved into the structure of the house and its elevated position.

The furnishings are simple and modern, with walls finished in dark ebony and accent lighting that reflects the beautiful views of the coastal sky.

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