One of the latest mysteries of Architecture and Design is the Mullet House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Owned. Located in the quarter of historic Tudor houses originally built in the 1800s, the location is in a peaceful place on the Limerick Parkway in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. This gorgeous house denies any negligence in its construction, as it was designed by one of the most significant names in architecture: Richard Creviano, the founder of the American Baroque Company, who had to preserver America’s most valuable and most famous buildings the Duxton Moore, House and Insomnia protection accordion that protected the library of the Smithsonian Institution.

With tile floors and wood paneling, the Gothic-like exterior with its flush fireplace, thick ceiling trusses and wooden roof, bound by floor-to-ceiling windows, welcomes us into the house.

Its simple decoration is made to match the environment, not interfering with its original position in the urban neighborhood.

On the first view, immediately at the entrance, we see the bedroom with its private bathroom and closet area.

In its later vision, we are confronted with an open and fully furnished place, full of light and with a magnificent view of the Duqueen, the city’s central boulevard.

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