Renovations are always fun to watch. They’re also frustrating. There’s so much you need to understand about this type of projects and so many things to be aware of. In the case of this garage renovation, it was all about the views.

The original garage was small and crowded. It wasn’t nearly as spacious and functionally did its job. Nevertheless, it offered beautiful views of the mountains and the desert. Moreover, the garage had more than just a simple staircase and a few odd nooks and crannies that made it interesting.

When the owner asked Armaniac for the renovation, he decided not to change the interior structure of the garage. The interior was basically restructured. However, he maintained the main characteristics of the building such as the columns, the roof and everything else.

The focus was on creating a modern guest space and this is the role assigned to the designer. The apartment has custom-made walls and custom-made custom-made high-quality furniture. This way the apartment can be a relaxing and comfortable retreat, a space the owner likes to travel to whenever she needs some peace and quiet.

Armaniac had to find a way to make the apartment stand out but without making it seem too cluttered. To make that happen, the designer decided to remove some of the partitions and to create a more open space. Despite the fact that the apartment was the same size as it needed to be, the old upholstered partitions had to be removed. This opened up the whole area and also offered the designer more flexibility when rearranging the spaces.

As you can see, the apartment is organized in a very original way. Even though the room dividers were removed, the old upholstered partitions were not, thus giving the apartment a more open and airy look. The designer also decided to open up the space by taking advantage of the high ceiling, thus creating an open view. But the strategies used for this transformation were not what it used to be.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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