Located in the Balboa neighborhood of Berkeley, California, this renovation by Feldman Architecture leads to the new garage completely transformed into a 5,000 square foot residence.

The three bedroom, three bathroom house is oriented towards the West and features expansive floor to ceiling windows.

The best part of the modern home is the terrace with 100? of continuous sliding glass doors offering the ultimate outdoor experience.

On the other hand, the rest of the house has only 1 bedroom and bath, and a large kitchen, a wine cellar and an office.

The Clex House by Feldman Architecture:

“Redefining the streets of Berkeley in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in California, the Clex House is a modern renovation and addition to a 1920’s Californian bungalow. Under a new contract with the homeowners, the renovation is located on a rainy lot next to a golf course and the main challenge was maintaining views to the yard and the broader section of the house. The owners also wanted a connection to the yard and the auto court.

The new house is a transparent structure that has been largely open to the outdoor spaces in the yard and garden. A central circulation spine connects the yard – with dining and living areas – to the central circulation spine of the house. This direct access enables the owners to engage in an outdoor “room” on their property that strategically transitions from the yard to the power room or to the guest rooms. In addition, the lot size was optimized to accommodate a comprehensive gravel garden that extends the green space and dramatically extends the green space into the yard.”

Photos by: Joe Fletcher, Omar Gandhi, and Claire Radaroff

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